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Your ultimate solution to international trade

Trade Remedies ZA are specialists in trade remedies, fisheries, subsidies, WTO dispute settlement, WTO accessions, trade negotiations, regionalism, legislative drafting and regulatory impact assessments, with hands-on involvement in more than 200 trade remedy investigations and reviews in several jurisdictions, and eight WTO disputes and remedies. Trade Remedies ZA have reviewed or drafted trade legislation on behalf of several countries on 4 continents, and has conducted regulatory impact assessments, especially in the plastics industry. We have trained more than 20 governments on trade remedies, trade negotiations, WTO and other international dispute settlement, and regulatory impact assessments.

Trade Remedies ZA undertakes work on behalf of the WTO, EU, USAID, World Bank, and the ITC, as well as directly with governments and private sector clients, and have close cooperation agreements with lawyers and consultants in more than 20 jurisdictions.

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